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NFT Museums and Galleries

Coming Soon!

World’s first
NFT Museums

raised in honor of the 9 Greek Muses1, with

  • native digital artifacts & experiences
  • moozem NFTs created through art destruction

NFT stands for non-fungible token.

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For the first time in the world, you will be able to

experience 9 revolutionary museums

raised in honor of the world 9 Muses
#1 Calliopemuse

Museum of Art & Design

Reinventing Art & Design

Some might argue that mainly things like paintings and sculptures should be exposed in an art museum, while discarding certain illustration styles, 3D or graphic designs! While, others might say that traditional art (like oil paintings) has nothing to do with NFTs.

Not in The Museum of Art & Design! Here the modern and traditional will blend in a fresh and provocative way.

Art and Design NFTs

But what about physical artifacts?

We'll Destroy Your Art!*
and give it a new life as moozem digital NFTs!
*destruction will be done in environmentally friendly way.

We intend to create a unique experience where you can explore both physical artifacts (paintings, sculptures, ...) converted as digital moozem NFTs through destruction (learn more), and digital artifacts (photography, illustration, videos, game design, web & app design, 3D art, ...).

Moozem in the press

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#2 Thaliamuse

Museum of Being Somebody Else

Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?

Leo Tolstoy
Anna Karenina
Museum of Being Somebody Else

Prepare to be amazed with the startling experience of being somebody else.

Have you ever wished or wanted to know what is it like to be somebody else?

Try out the world through another person’s eyes, or, share yours as moozemTM NFT artifacts.

Dive into someone else’s reality, see what they see, feel what they feel!

Example galleries & NFT artifacts that could be found in the Museum of Being Somebody Else:

  • People > A day in the life of Ryan
  • People > Jane's adventure in the forest
  • Jobs > Being a pilot
  • Activities > Driving an F1 car
  • Places > Grand Canyon
NFT Artifacts
#3 Terpsichoremuse

Museum of Experiences

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience

Eleanor Roosevelt

Enjoy a spectrum of emotions and experiences converted as moozemTM NFT artifacts.

Example galleries:

  • Travel > Rio Carnival 2020
  • Adrenaline > Parkour Diving London 2021
  • Laughs & Joy > My Crazy Cat
  • Sport > World Cup 2022
  • Many more
NFT Experiences
#4 Polyhymniamuse

Museum of The World

Own a unique geoNFTTM location in the Museum of the World
Experience a landscape made of unique geoNFTTM locations. Be among the first to collect and own unique and popular geoNFTTM locations.
On your geoNFTTM location from the Museum of the World you will be able to expose one of your moozemTM NFT artifacts.
We intend to include one FREE geoNFTTM location in all paid plans
Find out early about our upcoming plans and get early insights about moozem and the geoNFTTM location availability by now joining our founding members list.
What are geoNFTTM locations?
geoNFTTM locations will cover an area of around 100 virtual square meters each, and are identified by two virtual moozem coordinates.
You will be able to buy or sell collectible geoNFTTM locations as any other moozemTM NFT artifacts. Once owned, geoNFTTM can be stored in your private treasury room.
Early members will have the opportunity to register popular & valuable geoNFTTM locations!
geoNFTTM locations will be subject to availability & validation. Due to their uniqueness they will be available on first served basis.

Be among the first to be notified when the geoNFTTM sunrise period will start!

Do not miss the opportunity to secure an amazing & valuable geoNFTTM location!

Founding members will be the first to be notified when our plans will be available and when the sunrise geoNFTTM location registration will start.

World geoNFT locations
And, the adventure will not stop here!

Three more museums designed to delight & amaze!

Museum of Sound
#5 Euterpemuse

Museum of Sound & Music

Anything sound: from nature sounds to complex compositions. Explore songs, samples, voice, instruments, nature sounds or artists.

“Dead voices, lost sounds, forgotten noises, vibrations lockstepping into the abyss and now too distant ever to be recaptured!”
Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam

Museum of Sci Fi and Fantasy
#6 Uraniamuse

Museum of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The museum will host a variety of science-fiction curated, artist or collector galleries. Here you will experience amazing sci-fi NFT artifacts such as dystopian worlds, robots, spaceships, zombies, etc.

If fantasy is rather your genre, you’ll be able to explore epic worlds full of magic and dragons.

Museum of Past and Future
#7 Cliomuse

Museum of Past & Future

Experience one of the closest things to time travel. Explore the past, or, sent your artifacts, artwork & messages in the future!4

Example galleries:

  • NFT Time Capsules from the Past info
  • Ideas for a Better Tomorrow
  • Events > 2017 Solar Eclipse
  • 1980s > Berlin in the 1980s

+ 2 more museums
to be revealed soon!

Join Here our founding members list to learn about two more spectacular & breathtaking museums.

#8 Melpomenemuse
#9 Eratomuse

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Top 100 Fortune expertise

Designed by tech professionals with experience in Fortune 100.

Your own artist or collector galleries

Public galleries & Private collections

Art and Design NFT Galleries
Thematic galleries

From contemporary to the unusual, an amazing experience & fascinating creations from inspiring creators.

Visit weird, wonderful, and some very absurd galleries spread across the museums. You never know when you'll stumble upon a hidden gem...

Creator and Collector Galleries
Creator or Collector Galleries

Whether you are an artist or a collector, you will be able to have your own creator/artist/collector gallery in our museums, just like the real world!

You’ll be in control. You'll decide what pieces you put up for display, and for how long.

Private NFT Collections
Private Collections

When you just want to be alone.

Imagine you could view your private collection at any time, skipping all the crowd, in your Private Treasury Room. Or maybe you will invite that special friend to view your collection, just you and them.

Own & Collect

Buy NFT artifacts

moozemTM experience is designed with collectors in mind! You will be able to bid and acquire exquisite artifacts for your private collection or as an investment.

  • Buy NFT artifacts in auctions
  • Buy NFT artifacts at a fixed price
Buy NFT artifacts
Own & Collect

Your own private treasury room!

Experience your own private treasury room, easy to use, and accessible only to you! The perfect place to browse and manage your NFT artifacts!
Store your NFT artifacts
Store & manage artifacts bought, collected or created by you
Check your NFT wealth
a.k.a. the estimated value of your moozemTM artifacts
Private NFT Collections in your own Private Treasury Room
Creator and Colletor NFT Galleries
Exhibit & Monetize

Your own gallery in museums

Imagine you could have your own public gallery with your name. The perfect way to show to the world your NFT artifacts!

  • Your own public (creator or collector) gallery in museums
  • Display NFT artifacts in your public gallery
NFT Portfolio
Exhibit & Monetize

A new exhilarating way to showcase your portfolio

Impress and create an immersive experience by making the most of your own gallery.

You decide which moozemTM NFT artifacts to display in your public gallery, and, if they are for sale or not.

Exhibit and Monetize
Exhibit & Monetize

Earn from NFT artifacts

Lots of opportunities, for both creators and collectors, to increase your wealth or make a fortune!

  • List NFT artifacts in auctions
  • Sell NFT artifacts at a fixed price
  • Monetize licensing royalties
  • Pay per view
Monetize NFT artifacts

How much money could you make?

There is no limit! The value of an NFT artifact could depend on lots of factors. Some artifacts might not sell at all, while other could be sold for millions. Check out some example NFT artifacts out there which were sold for millions. 5

How to create an NFT in moozemTM

As simple as uploading a photo

Creating moozemTM NFT artifacts will be simple and easy. Upload any digital artifact and submit it for verification4.

How to create an NFT
Who can create a NFT
Create moozemTM NFTs

Who can create a moozemTM NFT artifact?

Any moozemTM member with a creator or collector account will be able to submit their artifacts to be converted & validated as moozemTM NFT artifacts4

Create NFTs from native digital files

Easily transform your digital files into moozemTM NFTs

moozemTM NFT artifacts could be created from native digital files such as: illustrations, videos, static or animated images, photos, 3D art, audio files & recordings, et cetera.

Transform your files into NFTs
But what about physical artifacts?

We'll Destroy Your Art

and give it a new life as digital NFTs! 4
Paintings, sculptures, or Granny’s tea-cozy? Yes, they could be converted to NFTs!
Convert physical artifact to a digital NFT artifact and permanently destroy the physical artifact (in an environmentally friendly way). Certain limitations, environmental and security considerations, may prevent us providing this service for some artifacts.
You send us your artifact
We convert it into a digital NFT
We permanently destroy the physical artifact
Create the unusual. Not for the faint-hearted!

And the craziness doesn’t stop here...

Self destructing NFT artifacts
Self-Destructing NFT artifacts

This tape will self-destruct in...

Somethings aren’t forever. You'll decide if your artifact disappears in a certain time or after certain number of views.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone...
No, CTRL+Z won’t work.

NFT Time Capsules
NFT Time Capsules

Could be a message, could be a video, or an ultra-high definition illustration of dark matter4. The world wouldn’t know till it’s time, a time in the future, set by you (even after your death).

Once shut no one can open it early, not even the creator!

NFT Destruction
Watch destruction of physical artifacts

Ever wondered how physical artifacts will be converted to NFTs?

You'll be able to watch emotional videos of physical artifacts destruction or NFT creation. Brace yourself for an intense experience!

Do you already own NFTs artifacts?

Import your existing NFT artifacts into moozemTM

We intend to provide the possibility to import a wide range of existing NFT artifacts into moozemTM (subject to fees, validation & approval).

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